I’m here to work with women who are ready to confront and embrace their vulnerabilities and deepest fears.

Using kinesiology as a means of communicating with your higher-self I bring awareness to imbalances held within your physical and emotional body.

I support you as you delve deep into the layers of yourself that you have disconnected with. Learn how to recognise and release the life challenges you have held within your conscious, sub-conscious and bodies intelligence that have been suppressed, avoided and denied.

You will embark on a journey of self-discovery to remember who you are and the treasures you have hidden within you. Become powerful by re-integrating and re-aligning all the broken parts of yourself and experience major shifts and transformation in your life.

Discover the answers within
Connect with your true essence
Re-learn your true power and what you’re really capable of
Cultivate healthy emotions in a healthy body

Discover the magic of Kinesiology

Work with Me


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