I’m Emma Henry,

Mind body energetics therapist at the
Four Winds Holistic centre, Rainbow Lighthouse

I have created a sacred space, working within the Rainbow Lighthouse energy, where people can transform and resolve emotional and physical issues, awakening all to discover the wisdom and light that lies deep within.

I work with clients online and in clinic. I use Kinesiology muscle testing to communicate with the emotional and physical body. Guided by the wisdom of the body, I identify blocks that have been holding you back and support you as you overcome them to create the life you want.

I work with clients who feel stuck in their lives and want to acheive certain goals but feel confused and frustrated as to how to create this change. Using various powerful techniques, I bring awareness to what is going on within you to clear the barriers that stand between you and the acheivement of your goals. 

I also work with clients who are experiencing physical pain or illness in the body. I identify any biochemical imbalances and provide advice on nutrition and homeopathy, as well as addressing any emotional issues to restore health and well-being.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to balanced health and well-being.

Emma x

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