“I am not afraid, I was born to do this” Joan of Arc

I grew up in the Mid Ulster area, in the town of Magherafelt, County Derry in Ireland.

I was aware from a very early age that I viewed the world differently from those around me. I recognised that I had a magik deep within me and having been given the name Emma which translates to ‘I am Universal’ it was clear from the beginning that my journey was to be in Service to others.

In 2005 I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Throughout my studies I considered all aspects of human experience with particular focus on understanding  the behaviour, thoughts, feelings and motivations underlying behaviour. In 2007 I commenced a Master of Science in Applied Behaviour Analysis, graduating in 2010. During this time I worked at the New England Centre for Children, Boston which is recognised as a leader in intervention and education provision for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

When I returned to Ireland I took up full time employment at the North Eastern Education Board. In 2012 I realised Psychology could be taken and applied to a majority of fields and decided to take my knowledge and apply it to the field of Kinesiology. At this time I commenced my Diploma in Systematic Kinesiology.

Since that time I have continued my studies and completed courses in Functional Bio-Chemistry and Transformational Kinesiology.

Rainbow Lighthouse

I first met Roisin Campbell, founder of Rainbow Lighthouse when I attended a clearing day. On that day Roisin knew we would work together. I started on a journey of clearing within the Rainbow Lighthouse energy and my life totally transformed.

Roisin is a continuous light in the darkness, shining brightly no matter how intense the storm. She has been a strong and steady support to me and her guidance and wisdom has empowered me to remember who I truly am. I feel blessed and honoured to work alongside Roisin.

Roisin is the cornerstone and protector of the Rainbow Lighthouse vision and the energy of the Four Winds support that by blowing the message throughout the world.

The Four Winds work within and shares the vision of Rainbow Lighthouse. Working together we support all who wish to awaken to their light.

How I discovered Kinesiology

I discovered Kinesiology through my desire to achieve optimum health. Having suffered digestive health problems for 5 years a friend recommended I visit a Kinesiologist. At that time I was unaware that Kinesiology could reveal so much wisdom about the body.

Within 3 sessions my digestion was at optimum and I noticed other aspects of my physical health had improved greatly.  I also began to realise that looking after my emotional health was just as important and that a lot of physical aliments in the body were actually rooted in emotional trauma and stress. Kinesiology  revealed what was going on in my being which awakened me to what was going on in my life and what areas I needed to work on.

Kinesiology has enabled me to fulfil my purpose by making a truly positive difference in the life of others. I feel incredibly fortunate that Kinesiology came into my life and that I can share it with all who are ready to embrace health and well-being.

Four Winds

“The wind has a voice. We all must awaken our voice” Roisin Campbell, Rainbow Lighthouse 

In 1980 my father had given our family home the name “Four Winds” and at that time had displayed it at front of the house on a sign he had made. Shortly afterwards, he planted climbing Ivy which grew over the house sign and eventually obscured it.

The Ivy that had hidden the sign was symbolic of the journey I had taken to discover the truth of who I am. Ivy represents the Soul on its journey spiralling through the labyrinth in search of itself. The Ivy leaf is shaped like a heart. It encouraged me to look within the depths of the shadow of my heart so that I could become a free Spirit and know myself again. One day I pulled back the tendrils of the Ivy to find the sign placed there many years before, waiting silently in the darkness for me to shine the light upon it once again.

What the Four Winds represents

The Four Winds symbolise the four elements: Wind(Air), Earth, Water and Fire. We would not have come into being if it were not for the balance between these elements.

Without the element Air we could not survive as it provides us with the breath of life.

The element Water cleanses and nourishes the body. In life we must learn to be like the rivers and streams by flowing effortlessly with the tides of life and not being afraid to dive deep into the depths of ourselves.

The Earth element provides us with all the nutrients we need to grow and thrive. As we walk this earthly journey Mother Earth supports us as we become present by grounding ourselves deep into her roots.

Without the element of Fire in the form of the Sun, life would not exist. Fire teaches us to keep our own inner flame and passion for our soul’s journey burning brightly.

The Hebrew word for wind is ‘Spirit’ and on the “Four Winds” comes our spiritual truth. The Four Winds are symbolic of the mystical point where the divine touches the natural world, representing all that we cannot see but yet cannot be without: our soul, spirit, mind and heart.

All the answers we are seek come on the Four Winds, all we have to do is listen.