Mind, Body, Energetics sessions at the Four Winds, Rainbow Lighthouse

Kinesiology is a holistic health discipline which uses the gentle art of muscle testing to access information about a person’s well-being. The body speaks the language of your deepest self and the use of muscle testing facilitates dialogue and communication at an unconscious level. At the Four Winds, I use Kinesiology to identify and uncover repressed emotions and determine if there are any negative belief systems in the emotional body. I also use Kinesiology to identify imbalances within the physical body by testing functional biochemistry pathways. 

Kinesiology combines Western techniques and Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional and spiritual health. The goal of a session is to identify and remedy any imbalance within the body and mind. When you are in a balanced state you can illuminate your inner wisdom. This clarity enables you to discover who you truly are.

Following a session, remedies will be required to support healing and integration.

It is important to honour this part of the process by nurturing yourself in this way.  Remedies will differ according to individual needs and may vary from session to session. Remedies include:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Homeopathy
  • Flower essences
  • Aura-Soma

Emotional Body

The core of every symptom, stress and disease we experience is due to trapped emotions, memories and unprocessed life experiences. Emotions tend to build up in us and we push them away because we have been taught to resist things that don’t feel good. These energies stay with us and disrupt our lives, causing pain and leading to self-sabotage.

I work with clients who feel stuck in their lives, are anxious and stressed, or feel that they want to achieve a certain goal however they are confused and frustrated as they don’t know what they are doing here, who they are or the sacred purpose of their life. During a session I determine specifically which emotions have been repressed and further identify the time frame and life event that contributed to this. Guided by the body’s inner wisdom, I use a combination of powerful techniques to break through these negative belief patterns allowing you to move forward with confidence.

When these emotions are shifted from the body the end result is that you become lighter and feel supported to create the life you want.

Physical Body – Functional Biochemistry

Functional biochemistry is the practice of evaluating the levels of chemicals in the body and brain.  When the symptoms of illness occur this is usually an indication that the body’s chemistry is out of balance. Functional biochemistry is both the art and science of assisting the body to reveal what nutrients it needs to make it healthy.

I work with clients who are experiencing physical symptoms such as digestive problems, chronic fatigue or are feeling pain within the body. All functions of the body are performed by chemicals; whether this is to make a new cell; repair injury; create energy; or fight infection.  As long as the chemicals in the body are in balance we should remain well and in good health

I use a variety of bio-chemistry test kits to reveal where the imbalance in the body is and what nutrition or homeopathy is required to restore health and well-being.

In clinic session including John of God crystal light bed £60

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Functional biochemistry assesses:

  • Digestive problems and food intolerances
  • Skin disorders
  • Migraines
  • Toxins – Heavy metals, viruses, funguses, parasites, bacteria
  • Immunity
  • Liver pathway
  • Thyroid pathway
  • Chronic fatigue – Glucose energy production pathway
  • Hormone pathway
  • Adrenal stress

How many sessions will you require?

Each client’s treatment plan is tailored to suit their needs, with some clients choosing to avail of an in-clinic session at Four Winds, Rainbow Lighthouse or an online session when they feel it is necessary.

Others benefit greatly from the structure and support provided by monthly or quarterly sessions which allow you to go deeper into the layers of the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

What to expect after your session

How you will feel varies depending on the individual and what you are working, processing and breaking through. So just observe how you feel after each session as the energy integrates.

You may:

  1. Feel really happy, light, confident and clear
  2. Be not quite sure how you feel. It may take a few days for you to notice a change
  3. Occasionally feel worse (temporarily) or a little bit up and down. This is always a sign that a really big shift has taken place and you are processing a lot. If you do experience this response it doesn’t tend to last very long and when it shifts you will feel much better.