Online Mind, Body, Energetics sessions

In an online session, I act as a surrogate and muscle test my body on your behalf. This is just as accurate a way to pick up emotional and physical imbalances and also to find out what it is you need to bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance.

In an online session, I use a variety of tools and resources to help bring your mind, body and spirit into harmony and alignment.

For example:

  • I identify and release ‘blocked’ emotions in certain acupressure points or meridians. I discover the various periods in this lifetime or a past life that have had a huge impact on the person you are today and balance the energy to bring the conscious and subconscious mind into harmony to enable you to achieve your goals.
  • I use flower essences to support the energetic body as it shifts emotions
  • I tap positive affirmations into the vibrational field of the body to break through conditioned beliefs and patterns
  • If symptoms of illness are present I recommend homeopathic and nutritional remedies to support the physical body
  • I use Rainbow Lighthouse energised candles, meditations and a chakra clearing pendulum to balance and shift whatever is ready to be released.
  • All sessions are supported with the powerful Aura-Soma system. The colours you choose help restore balance and connect you to the truth of who you are.

We are all from the same energy source which flows through everything on earth. This constant vibration of energy is shaping how you feel, think and live your life.  In the online sessions, I will connect with this conscious energy to release blockages to improve your emotional and physical health.

Online session £50

    Lady Portia

Animal photograph mind, body, energetics sessions

All animals have a Spirit. If an animal has suffered physical, mental or emotional trauma this leads to an imbalance in their energetic body. Animals also take on the emotional hurts of the family they have chosen and this can manifest as physical illness or behaviour problems.

A recent photograph of the animal is required in advance of the session. I act as a surrogate and muscle test my body to discover and shift blocked energies and emotions from the meridians and chakras using various powerful techniques.

Feedback will be provided after the photograph session detailing emotions that were identified and released. If a flower essence and/or Rainbow Lighthouse pet orb are required to support the animal these can be purchased and posted following the session.

Animal Photograph Session £40